Mind Yourself - Audio program

This audio is a practical explanation of the process of change and how to utilise this in assisting recovery. An easy to follow guide to help with the understanding and self management of stress and anxiety.

Please note, the audio is made available via our audio partner SoundWise which can be downloaded to their app or played on their website. Instructions will be sent to you.


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A Guide to Safety, Wellbeing and Communities

The workplace is currently experiencing a jam when it comes to safety & wellbeing, leaving many scratching their heads for an engaging way forward. The motivation to create positive environments of care is strong, but the lack of new ideas is forcing companies into regurgitating the same models, ones that reached the pinnacle of success a long time ago and the risk of these important topics becoming boring and less meaningful for the worker is drawing closer.

Companies are very aware that safety compliance alone will never be the panacea of safety & wellbeing and that a safety or quality failing could fold their business at a rapid rate. A common need for survival, be this for the individual, family, team or business, is driving people at all levels within companies to look for new ways to engage and find a way forward. Leaders know there is an engagement jam, we hope this guide can assist with unblocking it!

We hope that this short and concise guide helps you achieve your goals.


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