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A brief overview of our plans to produce Vlogs and free video resources that can be used in training sessions,  team meetings and safety briefings. Bookmark this page and follow us on social media to access these videos when they are released.




Eddie Woods discusses stress & anxiety and provides some tips on how to reduce them both at work and at home.



Leadership; a term that is used a lot but have we got the right idea about leadership? We are asked about leadership on a regular basis so we put together this short video to look at leadership, with the aim of helping those who are responsible for others understand what we feel a true leader should be looking to build on.

The Conscious Mind


Do the limitations of the conscious mind fuel unintended negatives or sometimes leave you in an undesirable position? Why do we sometimes forget people's names, just after they have introduced themselves? Have you ever walked into a room to do something then instantly forgot what it was? Here Eddie Woods examines attention and the limitations it offers.

The Process of Change


We are asked about the process of change on a regular basis. Change is a topic that is discussed lots but is very misunderstood. Some people can embrace change whilst others fear the same change, so why can we all see change differently? Here Eddie has a quick delve into the process of personal change and why some can cope with it well.

Performance Management


How do you get great performance from people? In this video, Chris discusses the link between performance and emotion, leadership strategies, certainty and uncertainty and the affect these can have on the performance of teams and individuals.

aLPHA state

They say familiarity breeds contempt. But is that true or is something else happening? You need to know this and act upon it to keep safe!

Why can we conduct highly complicated tasks when our heads are elsewhere? In this short clip, Eddie explores what is sometimes called ‘Alpha Sleep’ or ‘Alpha State’. Understanding this natural state is a great way of explaining the benefit of good housekeeping and managing our working environments.

Reciprocity / Payback


The psychology of payback is very simple. We hope this short video will help you rediscover this knowledge and make sure a lasting motivated experience is left behind after approaching people.

Temptation vs Risk


When under time pressures the choices we make can become blurred as the stress from time pressure builds upon us. We all know that the way we communicate is not at its best when anxious. This short video, we hope, will help you see the benefits of regaining calm when under time stress.