Where a larger programme of training is required, we recommend all Executive Leaders attend a Taking the Lead event prior to front line, leaders and management personnel undertaking any training. This event is designed to engage the Executive Team with the initiative and to work towards designing a community vision with milestones of success.


This fast moving and fun session discusses the ways that normal human behaviour can pay us back with unintended consequences. The easy to understand principles are simple to apply and can help dilute the unintended and offer more successful outcome. Drawing from examples from both industry and everyday life, this session is designed to appeal to a wide range of delegates.


We designed this workshop for all, yet it mainly attracts those who are in a role that includes a level of responsibility for the wellbeing of others. Here we begin to delve toward the building blocks of what shapes group behaviour and how you can influence the direction it takes.

On top of delegate's current knowledge, this session will deepen their understanding of the individual and at the same time offer the keys to ensure a safe community bonds with common purpose.


This workshop is designed to give delegates a deeper understanding of some of the unmeasurable factors and the importance of building a strong community in the workplace.  It is our intention to give each person enough knowledge so they leave confident, united and refreshed with added resources that can assist the-self, the family, the friend and the colleague.


For a comprehensive overview of the above sessions, please call 0800 193 2011, email us at Info@Karrdale.com, use the Chat function at the bottom right of the screen, or use the contact form on the Contact Us page


We regularly run open seminars in Glasgow covering a range of topics. These are a good opportunity, for those with an interest in our approach and thinking, the chance to meet with like minded people from other organisations to share experiences and network. We always launch our newest concepts at these events and it is a great way for forward thinking professionals to stay right at the leading edge.


If you would like to develop people within your organisation to be able to deliver the 'Knowing' 2 and 3 hour presentations we can deliver this. This often works well where all or part of the Knowing session is included as part of a wider induction process. To be able to present this session takes a lot of practice and critical reflection and we would work with each client to identify the most suitable delegates for this particular training.


We are also pleased to offer a bespoke service.  Whilst all our sessions are tailored towards each specific client we are happy to consult, design and tailor on request.

We have experience of writing content and producing bespoke sessions for business areas away from safety including Performance, Sales, Operations and Employee Engagement. If you have a specific requirement in mind, please get in touch at Info@Karrdale.com or by calling 0800 193 2011.